I always see those people biking with their camping stuff in those bikebags. As I bought my backpack and willing to try my new friend as much as possible, but also or maybe actually because those bikebags are too expensive for now, I questioned myself if I could bike with a backpack from Amsterdam to Loosdrechtseplassen, not that far. The answer was: “I am just going to do it” I just needed to make it work.

The only question now was, Will I go on my racebike or my omabike, The first option would make me bent the whole ride, and wasn’t sure if that would be the situation that I wanted, cause while biking I want to see the beauty that Holland has to show me.
The second option, the omabike was the option that would be the one. It’s a simple bike, not made for longer than an hour to ride the bike. But hey, 10 years ago I bought this bike from the money my oma gave me when she left this world, I bought this bike with the idea that with buying this bike, I would still bring her everywhere. So this was a good opportunity to take her with my on my trip.

So there I went. My blue friend, food in the simple bikebags and a sort of smile on my face. Would I really make it?

If I would follow Googlemaps it would only take me 1.5 hour. About 21 km. That’s not bad at all and I can hear you all think, “come on Syl that’s not worth writing about”.
Well, my name is Sylvia and I am good in finding D-tours. Or maybe it’s better to say, those D-tours are good in finding Sylvia.

My plan was simple, Follow Ouderkerk a/d Amstel and then, ya then what????

Like to know if I made it to Loosdrecht? Stay stuned, or you can ask me to sign you in for a newsblog….